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Thursday, August 13, 2009

PBS for the avid reader

So as you may know or may not know I am a freelance graphic designer (which i always like to catergorize as a starving artist) and therefore i am always looking for ways to enjoy myself the best i can. So just recently alot of my spare time goes to reading. I had almost forgot how much i loved to read in the past but between a 60 hour work week for nearly 3 years while in college and doing homework, the only books i found my nose in was text ones. So now i have found time to read and along with that I found a GREAT site that i already love called PBS or Paperback Swap!

I definitely recommend this site to anyone who loves books but don't like having to pay the barnes & nobles, high end book store prices! Don't get me wrong i love barnes & nobles (like them much better now that i get coupons from them) just can't always afford the high prices that come with buying "new books." So check them out! You bookworms won't be disappointed :) What a great way to swap books at a cheap price! (click the logo i posted to check out their website)


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