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Monday, August 31, 2009

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I finally finished the 870 page, 38 Chapter (5th) book tonight, and I feel a huge load of accomplishment not to mention a small curiosity for more! lol I know I am a harry potter glutton! lol

Reading many other reviews about the 5th book and after reading it I tend to agree yet disagree with some! HP 5 was highly energetic and very much detailed and complex for me which really kept me going! Although! maybe it was the 870 pages (136 pages more than HP4) that made the beginning seem to take longer to reach interest? i don't know but once I did reach that point (I mean HP completely boring?! never!) I couldn't put the book down after that point.

I never really was one of those passionate people that read the book first than went to a movie and said "WTF?!!" cause I always took a movie for exactly what it was "A Movie." Now! I find myself saying why didn't they put this part in?!! and where is this part?! All the more reason for being glad to be an avid reader and that there are books to add more clarification to the "whole story" still would of been nice to see all those vivid descriptions put to film but beggars can't be choosers so I am reminded.

Anyways onto the review all in all a VERY addicting read once you get through the long awaited beginning of when harry makes contacts with the Order patrol/squad that tend to take him to Grimmauld Place! The book went into so MUCH more detail regarding O.W.L.S, Occlumency and explained so much more that the movie tended to leave out as most of the movies do although I tend to believe the 4th movie was one of the worst that disappointed me with the lack of background that was missing but again it's "A Movie!" Needless to say 5 stars from me easily it kept me entertained and I would easily read it again and might do it later on for the Re-Read Challenge coming up this next month through november! lol

Now for a lil more lighter reading my next book started is "The Reader" I have the next two Harry Potter books and am anxious to start them just don't want to find myself in the same situation as before "A Harry Overdose" that it takes longer for me to get into cause after the last 870 pages I just read. lol So I have taken a HP break for the meantime and will start some books my book clubs are discussing! Just until I am reading to finish the HP series (might just be my way of dragging it out a lil longer) hate to see it come to an end! lol

Until my next review Happy Reading All!!!


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